Patient Group

We have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) at the practice. This is an independent group that is made up of patients from the practice.Their aim is to help set priorities for the practice development. This is also an opportunity for patients to learn how the practice meets its responsibilities to all its patients. We hope that this improved two way communication between the practice and the patients leads to better patient experience. The PPG also oversee the practice survey and any action plan from the results.
Our Patient Participation Report for March 2019 is now available to view 

You said

We did

The outcome was

Easier access to appointments

We increased booked telephone consultations from 6 to 12 per day

Many patients find quick telephone consultations very convenient. Many simple problems are resolved quickly and effectively. More importantly, we avoid unnecessarily filling up face to face appts


We upgraded telephone system to allow better call handling at busy times. 

Improved flow of calls into the reception. Patients can also cancel appts 24 hrs a day. We can then offer more appointments. 

Modern look to the waiting area

Updated waiting room chairs and tidy notice boards 

Better patient experience and clearer information about services available.

You did not know about online access for appointments and prescriptions services

We have had online access from 2012 but it is now better advertised in the practice and promoted by staff

We have seen more people booking appointments and requesting repeat medication online.

The practice to stay focused on delivering excellent clinical care.

We began working with Primary Care Navigators and helped them to be based at the practice. 

These new role help patients with complex and social needs.With improved social care comes improved health outcomes. It also prevents patients going into hospital unnecessarily.

If you are a patient and would like comment on any aspect of the report or you would like to participate in the group, please let us know. We welcome patients to volunteer to participate in these discussions. Please ask at reception, talk to the practice manager or email us at 

Patient Participation Reports from previous years are also available to view below.