Normal Consultation Hours

Morning     Evening     Extended
Monday*9.00 - 12.303.00 - 6.00   6.30-7.30
Tuesday9.00 - 12.303.00 - 6.00
Wednesday9.00 - 12.303.00 - 6.00
Thursday*9.00 - 12.303.00 - 6.00   6.30-7.30
Friday*9.00 - 12.303.00 - 6.00   6.30-7.30
* Special extended evening appointments (no reception counter services available).

Routine Doctors' Appointments

If you need to book a routine appointment it is best to call after 11.00am to avoid busiest times. You can now book routine doctors appointments online. You must first register to use this service. Please ask in person at reception for online access

We typically have appointments up to two weeks in advance. Many routine appointments are for patients who have a long-term or chronic condition that needs monitoring on a regular basis. It is important to continue your regular check-ups, even if you are feeling well. Routine appointments are available during normal surgery hours with the practice nurse and/or doctor. We hold regular clinics for check ups.

Urgent Doctors' Appointments

Please note that we try to reserve a small number of appointments for patients who need to see a doctor urgently. These are typically for children, the elderly or those just out of hospital. These appointments are not for sick notes or running out of medication. Please remember we are not an emergency service or a walk-in-centre, but where ever possible we will try our best to fit you in.

Nurse Appointments

The practice nurse treats patients for a wide range of common conditions and also applies dressings, removes sutures, syringes ears, takes blood samples, administers injections and checks blood pressure. You can book up to a month ahead for some clinics – please see the section on NHS services for a full range of clinics.

Minor Ailment Scheme - at participating Pharmacies

This is an alternative option for the minor ailments shown below. The scheme enables a minor ailment scheme passport holder to obtain over the counter treatment on prescription. Please check the age criteria to be sure you are eligible. 

AilmentAge AilmentAge
Athletes Foot1+High Temp/Fever1+
Constipation12+Mouth Ulcer12+
Cough1+Nasal Congestion1+
Cystitis1+Sore Throat1+
Dermatitis16+Thread worms2+
Diarrhoea<70Vaginal Thrush16-60
Ear Wax12+Verruca6+
Hay Fever6+Warts6+
Head Lice1+

This can often be a quicker way to sound advice and treatment as you do not have to wait for a GP appointment. Please ask at reception for more information.